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If you haven’t tried Bombas socks yet, you might be unsure whether the hype is justified. The textiles lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute claims that the socks from Bombas are among the best they have ever evaluated. But how do they stack up against other well-known sock companies?

One feature that distinguishes Bombas is their dedication to provide a pair of socks to someone in need for each pair they sell. Since their debut in 2013, the company claims to have donated over 75 million products.

Bombas socks have undergone extensive performance testing, including assessments for shrinkage and abrasion resistance. The outcomes are spectacular, with Bombas socks consistently placing in the top five.

It should be noted that Bombas provides a selection of styles, including ankle, calf, and knee-high socks, as well as various materials, including cotton and merino wool. Customers are able to select the best style and material for their requirements as a result.

Bombas socks may cost more than some other sock brands on the market, but many customers believe the comfort and high quality are worth the extra money. The company’s dedication to giving back further enhances the value of its products.

Overall, Bombas socks are a great option if you’re seeking for premium, comfy socks and want to support a business that helps those in need.

Bombas Women’s Originals Ankle Socks

Bombas Women's Originals Ankle Socks

One of the best-selling items from the company is the Bombas Women’s Originals Ankle Socks. These socks are constructed with a mixture of Supima cotton, polyester, and elastane for optimal comfort. After two years of study and development, the fundamental elements of the blister tab, honeycomb arch support, and seamless toe were incorporated.

Supima cotton offers a delicate and airy texture that is kind to the skin in terms of materials. Elastane provides a stretchy and flexible fit, while polyester adds strength and durability. The imported socks come in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate a wide spectrum of consumers.

The instructions for caring for these socks are simple. Only non-chlorine bleach should be used when necessary while washing them in a washing machine on a mild cycle. They shouldn’t be ironed or dry cleaned, and low-speed tumble drying is advised.

The reviewer from the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, who is a materials scientist, thought the Bombas Women’s Originals Ankle Socks were among of the greatest socks they had ever evaluated. For its comfort and usefulness, the honeycomb arch support and seamless toe received great appreciation. The socks performed well in laboratory tests for abrasion resistance and shrinking resistance.

Overall, the Bombas Women’s Originals Ankle Socks are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of ankle socks that are cozy, long-lasting, and fashionable.

Bombas Women’s Originals Calf Socks

Bombas Women's Originals Calf Socks

The original calf socks from Bombas for women have many characteristics with the ankle socks, such as honeycomb arch support, a smooth toe, and exceptional comfort. The socks also include stay-up technology, which makes it easier for them to stay on your calves.

One distinctive quality of the Women’s Originals Calf Socks is that all sales of the red, white, and blue socks benefit charities that assist homeless veterans. This is a fantastic option to purchase top-notch socks and contribute to a worthwhile charity at the same time.

Similar to the ankle socks, these socks are constructed of Supima® cotton, polyester, and elastane for a snug, breathable fit. The recommended methods of care remain the same, including mild machine washing and low-heat tumble drying.

Overall, Bombas Women’s Originals Calf Socks are a fantastic option for anyone searching for a high-quality, comfy sock that also happens to support a worthwhile cause. These socks will undoubtedly offer all-day comfort and support thanks to the stay-up technology and honeycomb arch support.

Bombas Men’s Originals Calf Socks

Bombas Men's Originals Calf Socks

One of the most popular items from the company, the Bombas Men’s Originals Calf Socks were created after two years of study and development to provide the wearer with the utmost comfort. These socks offer a harmony of softness, toughness, and stretch thanks to a blend of Supima® cotton, polyester, and elastane. Additional comfort is provided by the honeycomb arch support and seamless toe design, and the stay-up technology keeps the socks in place all day.

The Men’s Originals Calf Socks should be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, much like other Bombas goods. They shouldn’t be ironed or dry cleaned; instead, they should be tumble dried on low heat.

Overall, Bombas socks are among the best ones on the market, according to the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab’s assessment of more than 90 distinct sock designs and input from more than 300 different consumer testers. Particularly well regarded and popular are the Men’s Originals Calf Socks. Though individual tastes can differ, it’s crucial to take into account elements like fit, design, and color when selecting socks.

Bombas Women’s Lightweight No-Show Socks

The Bombas Women’s Lightweight No-Show Socks are made to be utilitarian and comfortable. These socks are designed to always stay in place just below the edge of your shoe and offer maximum coverage. They are a flexible addition to your sock collection and go well with casual shoes, slip-ons, and booties.

These lightweight, breathable socks are made of a cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon blend, making them ideal for warm weather. With instructions to wash them on a gentle cycle and tumble dry them on low heat, they are also machine washable and simple to care for.

Although I haven’t personally tried these socks as a language model, they are well-reviewed for their comfort and quality in user and expert reviews. The Women’s Lightweight No-Show Socks fit women snugly and comfortably thanks to the honeycomb arch support and seamless toe design present in all Bombas socks. They are also ideal for wearing with low-profile shoes because of their no-show style, which prevents visibility.

Overall, the Bombas Women’s Lightweight No-Show Socks are a terrific choice if you’re searching for a cozy and functional pair of no-show socks. They are lightweight and breathable due to the material combination, and the stay-put construction makes sure they won’t fall down while being worn.

Bombas Men’s Running Ankle Socks

Bombas Men's Running Ankle Socks

The Bombas Men’s jogging Ankle Socks are intended to offer comfort and support while engaging in physical activities like jogging and working out. These socks are made with a Bombas Hex Tec construction, which allows for breathability and moisture wicking. They are made from a special poly/cotton yarn combination, and to ensure a comfortable fit, they have airflow ventilation and strategically placed cushioning.

57% polyester, 24% nylon, 14% cotton, and 5% elastane were the materials utilized to make these socks, which is a fantastic combination for strength, breathability, and stretchiness. The imported socks come with care instructions that call for gentle machine washing, occasional use of non-chlorine bleach, low-temperature tumble drying, avoidance of ironing, and dry cleaning.

The Bombas Men’s Running Ankle Socks are fashioned in a sleek, low-height design that goes well with running shoes and other athletic footwear. There are many different colors available for the socks.

Overall, it appears that these socks are a wise choice for runners and other athletes who require a cozy, breathable, moisture-wicking sock that offers cushioning and support where it is needed. These socks are strong and long-lasting thanks to the materials they are made of and the Bombas Hex Tec manufacturing method. Additionally, the company’s promise to donate a pair of socks to people in need for each pair sold is a thoughtful touch that raises the product’s worth.

Which Bombas socks are the best?

Popular brand Bombas is recognized for its inventive and comfortable socks. It might be challenging to choose the best socks with the huge range of options available. However, some noteworthy possibilities have been discovered after testing and examining various styles.

The Original Socks are a highly recommended option for year-round use and daily wear. They come in crew and ankle heights and have seamless toes, innovative midfoot compression, and tailored cushioning. Consumers and product experts alike favored these socks throughout testing, with one tester even claiming they were the most comfortable socks they had ever worn. They weren’t the finest in abrasion resistance tests, but they shrunk very little after numerous washings.

Women’s Originals Calf Socks, which offer honeycomb arch support, a seamless toe, and stay-up technology, are another preferred option. The proceeds from the sale of the red, white, and blue socks will also all be donated to charities that help homeless veterans. With Bombas Hex Tec construction for breathability and moisture wicking, strategic zone cushioning, and airflow ventilation, the Men’s Running Ankle Socks are a lightweight solution for runners.

No-show socks are another option from Bombas. These socks are carefully designed to never fall down, offer the most coverage, and remain in place just below the edge of your shoe. These socks are perfect for casual sneakers, slip-ons, and booties and come in a variety of materials, including cotton and merino wool.

Overall, the comfort of the wearer is a priority in the design of Bombas socks, which include unique features like the Honeycomb Arch Support System and the Y-Stitched Heel for a secure fit with little slippage. Bombas provides a style to suit your demands, whether you’re looking for no-show choices, running socks, or everyday clothing.

Bombas Socks Pros:

For any activity, from jogging to everyday use, Bombas has a wide selection of sock styles and materials, such as cotton and merino wool. This company is renowned for offering comfortable socks with a custom fit and cutting-edge design enhancements.

The comfort of Bombas socks, a significant attribute of all the products produced by the company, is one of its main advantages. In consumer tests, they fared well in all categories, with reviewers praising the socks’ comfort. This company provides a great fit for every customer by offering several sizes to meet varied foot sizes.

Another benefit of Bombas socks is their style and craftsmanship. Each type includes distinctive elements including a seamless toe, a honeycomb arch support system, and a Y-stitched heel to create a custom fit. The everyday socks provide cushioning, comfort, and support, while the no-show socks are designed to keep you on your feet.

Bombas is dedicated to improving society as well. Every pair of socks sold by the company since its beginning will be donated to someone in need. Bombas has given approximately 86 million things, such as socks, T-shirts, and underwear, and delivered over 51 million as of June 2022.

Bombas Socks Cons:

The comfort, fit, style, and social impact of Bombas Socks are well known. They do, however, have some disadvantages, just like every product. The brand’s socks performed inconsistently in Good Housekeeping (GH) Lab’s durability tests.

Certain types, like the no-show socks, which shrank more than others after several washes, showed signs of shrinkage. Therefore, it is advised to size up if you are on the border of a size range for those to make sure the fit isn’t too tight. Bombas socks have cushioned soles that give support, but they are more likely to show apparent signs of wear and tear. On the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Tester, lightweight Bombas socks performed somewhat better, lasting over 3,000 rubs before beginning to pill.

The fact that Bombas socks cost more than the typical pair of socks is another drawback. Although the brand starts its everyday selections at $13 per pair, some shoppers might think the cost is too high. Bombas, on the other hand, provides multipacks with discounts of up to 15%, which might be a fantastic choice for clients trying to save money.

Despite these shortcomings, GH analysts and editors have worn Bombas socks without incident for years. So, as long as the socks are not placed on really rough surfaces, they ought to last. Customers may feel good about Bombas’ commitment to donate a pair of socks to someone in need for every pair of socks they purchase thanks to this remarkable social impact effort.

In conclusion, buyers looking for a customized sock experience will find Bombas Socks to be a pleasant, well-designed, and ethical option. However, before making a purchase, one should consider their higher price point and inconsistent durability outcomes.

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