Best Jeans for Women That Are Actually Worth Buying in 2023

Denim jeans are a staple in any wardrobe and with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pair. When shopping for jeans, you want them to not only look great but also feel comfortable and fit within your budget. Fortunately, we have researched and compiled a list of the best jeans for women based on fabric quality, size range, style, and fit. We have consulted with celebrity stylists to bring you their recommendations and help you save countless hours of shopping.

Our list includes a range of styles, from skinny to cropped, straight, boyfriend, and more, so you can find your favorite style. We highly recommend Levi’s jeans as they are a classic go-to and a fantastic investment for any wardrobe. However, finding the right style that suits your body shape is crucial in creating a flattering look. This is why we have carefully curated the best jeans in each category to help you find your perfect fit.

Whether you are looking for a casual, everyday look or a dressier option, our list has got you covered. We understand the importance of finding the right jeans that will make you feel confident and comfortable. So, take a look at our recommendations and find your new favorite pair of jeans that will last you for years to come.

Best Overall: Levi’s Women’s 724 High Rise Straight Jeans

Best Overall: Levi's Women's 724 High Rise Straight Jeans

Since more than a century ago, Levi’s has been developing jeans made of denim. Women of all body types can more easily discover a pair of jeans that fits well and looks beautiful thanks to their large selection of sizes and lengths. Women love their 724 High Rise Straight Jeans, and it’s easy to understand why.

The wide range of lengths and waist sizes offered by these jeans is one of their outstanding features. This implies that regardless of your body type or size, you can discover a pair that fits flawlessly. The top portion of the jeans has a straight cut, while the bottom portion is made to hug your curves. These jeans are ideal for daily wear because of the elastic, soft cotton and elastane blend.

Both the black and the white versions of the 724 High Rise Straight Jeans look excellent. The negative is that the blue wash version costs $10 more than the other hues. Despite this, there is no denying the jeans’ high calibre and craftsmanship. You can be sure that you are spending money on a pair of jeans that will last you for a very long time because they are strong and durable.

Overall, if you’re searching for a pair of jeans that are both trendy and comfortable, the Levi’s Women’s 724 High Rise Straight Jeans are a great option. They are not the most affordable pair of jeans available, costing $70, but the quality and variety of sizes make them well worth the expenditure.

Most Comfortable: WIT & WISDOM Jeggings

The WIT & WISDOM jeggings can be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that delivers comfort without sacrificing style. These jeggings are comprised of a soft, flexible fabric that gives them the appearance and feel of classic denim without really being leggings. They are ideal for people who like the way denim looks but are sensitive to the potential pain that regular denim might cause.

The jeggings include subtle fading and whiskering that give them a genuine denim appearance. You don’t have to worry about them bunching at your ankles because they are also offered in smaller sizes. They are a great option for the colder months because of their snug fit, which makes them perfect for tucking into boots.

The thinner fabric used in these jeggings may deteriorate more quickly than typical denim, so keep that in mind. But, the comfort and aesthetic they offer might just make the compromise worthwhile.

In conclusion, the WIT & WISDOM jeggings are a great choice for anyone looking for cosy and fashionable jeans. They come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the ideal pair for your body type, and the mid-rise and elastic material offer a flattering fit.

Although the cost of these jeggings at the time of publication was $74, it was still reasonable given their high level of comfort and quality.

Size 00 to 18 | Mid Rise | spandex, rayon, polyester, and cotton

Best Budget: American Eagle Stretch Mom Jean

Best Budget: American Eagle Stretch Mom Jean

Budget is always an issue while looking for the ideal pair of jeans. Women of all sizes have a fashionable and inexpensive option in the American Eagle Stretch Mom Jeans. The wide size range, which includes sizes 000 to 20 and short, standard, long, and extra-long lengths, is what distinguishes these jeans. This implies that any woman can locate a pair that complements her height and body type.

These mom jeans are cosy and supportive thanks to the relaxed silhouette and high-rise waist. They have enough stretch to maintain their shape all day long without feeling restricting. And they won’t break the bank at an unbelievable $40.

These mum jeans are the ideal combination of comfort and style, unlike those that can be too large. The main drawback is that women who want a more fitting style might not find them to be the greatest choice.

Overall, the American Eagle Stretch Mom Jeans provide ladies who seek a comfortable and fashionable pair of jeans with a flexible and affordable option. They are also a conscientious and environmentally beneficial option because they combine recycled materials with a reasonable price.

Price upon publication: $40

Size: High | Rise: 000–20 | Cotton, modal, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, and elastane are the materials.

Best Splurge: RE/DONE High Rise Loose Jeans

The name RE/DONE stands out when it comes to designer jeans. These jeans have a nice fit that makes up for the slightly higher price point. These High Rise Loose Jeans have a loose fit that reaches the floor, evoking the jeans of the 1990s. Their vintage look is enhanced by the fading wash on them.

These jeans’ fit is one of their best qualities, especially for people with lengthy legs. Chloe Anello, a senior editor with broad hips and lengthy legs, attests to the brand’s fit. Yet, because these jeans are composed of inflexible fabric, they lack elasticity. Although this isn’t a problem for people who don’t want slim jeans, it should be noted for those who like a little stretch in their denim.

These jeans cost $275 at the time of publication, but the fit and craftsmanship made them well worth the money. They come in sizes 23 to 32 and have a high-rise waist that provides support and comfort.

Overall, RE/High DONE’s Rise Loose Jeans are a great option if you want to invest in a pair of high-quality, well-fitting jeans that will last for years.

Best Skinny: GOOD AMERICAN Good Legs Deep-V High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

Any fashion-conscious woman looking for a cosy and attractive pair of skinny jeans must have GOOD AMERICAN’s Good Legs Deep-V High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans. These jeans are ideal for every body type thanks to the characteristic belly control and no gap waistband, and the added stretch makes for a close fit. Women of various sizes and shapes have praised the jeans’ ability to mould their bodies and enhance their form.

The Good Legs style of GOOD AMERICAN jeans, which Khloe Kardashian designed, is known for being body-positive. Since these jeans are extremely slender all the way to the ankle, they go great with a variety of shoes. The high-rise waist offers additional support and comfort, and they are available in sizes ranging from 00 to 24.

Despite being a fantastic purchase, it’s crucial to remember that these jeans run small. The sizing guide should thus be consulted before making a purchase. Nevertheless, the Good Legs design has the extra benefit of being available in both a short and long inseam in addition to the standard length, guaranteeing that you obtain the ideal fit.

These jeans cost $119, which is in the middle of the price range, but their quality, appearance, and fit make them worthwhile. They are stretchy, comfy, and long-lasting thanks to the material’s combination of cotton, polyester, and elastane.

Overall, the GOOD AMERICAN Good Legs Deep-V High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of thin jeans that will enhance your physique, be comfortable, and endure for years.

Best High Waisted: Joe’s Jeans The Raine

What We Love: The extra high waist produces a feminine silhouette, and the soft stone wash gives your outfit more adaptability.

What We Don’t Love: It’s advised to check the size chart since they could run small.

Joe’s Jeans The Raine are the only high-waisted jeans you need if you want to enhance your form. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner love these straight ankle jeans, and for good reason. The extra high-waisted silhouette elongates your legs and sits just over your belly button for a beautiful silhouette. These pants, which have a comfortable stretch and a cotton and spandex blend, move with you. They are simple to combine with a number of tops and shoes thanks to their dark grey colour and mild stone wash, which provides versatility to your wardrobe. These jeans only come in one hue, but they are available in a range of sizes, from 23 to 34. These do run a little small, according to one reviewer, therefore it’s advised to check the size chart before making a purchase.

Price as of publication: $198

Size 23 to 34 | High Rise | Materials: spandex and cotton

Best Midrise: Rouje Germain Jeans

The Rouje Germain jeans can be the ideal option for you if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that are just right—not too high-waisted and not too low. These jeans have a mid-high rise that hug your tummy and terminate just below your belly button, as well as a slight curvature that lifts your tush. Because of the flattering cut and wash, they are created to resemble the kind of antique jeans you might find in a thrift shop but with a contemporary twist.

The straight-cut trousers are 41 inches long for a size 26, making them perfect for taller women. Rouje, however, extends the length by one centimetre for every size up in waist to accommodate people with longer legs. Petite women might have a problem with this because they would need to have the pants hemmed to the proper length by a tailor. Rouje does, however, have a 15-day return policy if the jeans don’t fit.

Cotton, a strong and breathable fabric, is used to make the jeans, making them ideal for daily wear. Finding the appropriate size is essential because the fabric doesn’t stretch much and feels pleasant against the skin. Choosing the right size can be challenging, and some buyers have complained that they run small. To achieve a perfect fit, it is advised to consult the sizing chart before making a purchase.

The Rouje Germain jeans cost $180 at retail, which may be too expensive for certain customers. However it can be pricey for those seeking a distinctive vintage-inspired design, a flattering fit, and high-quality materials.

Price as of publication: $180

size range of 24-34 | mid-high rise | Textile: cotton

“Ab”solution Light Blue Denim Skimmer Capri: Democracy Jeans

Searching for a pair of jeans that are both cosy and fashionable? Go no farther than the Democracy Jeans “Ab”solution Light Blue Denim Skimmer Capri. These mid-rise jeans have a light wash with whiskering, hand sanding, and distressed features for a vintage-inspired appearance. Your favourite pair of shoes will look great displayed at skimming length.

Yet there’s more to these jeans than simply looks. They are also made to be comfortable and enhance your body. With the help of slimming mesh panels and a secret, ultra-stretchy no-gap waistband, the “Ab”solution® fit technology prevents any gaping and moulds to your body. These jeans are a must-have for anyone trying to enhance their form because of the sweetheart yoke and curved-shaped pockets, which instantly lift the booty.

The Democracy Jeans “Ab”solution Light Blue Denim Skimmer Capri also has five pockets, a frayed hem, and a front zip with a button fastening. Stretch denim is used to make these jeans, which make them ideal for daily use.

These are a cost-effective addition to any wardrobe for $68.00. These jeans will keep you looking and feeling your best whether you’re doing errands or going out on the town.

What to Keep in Mind

There are a few important considerations to make while shopping for jeans to make sure you pick the best pair for your style and body type. Here are some pointers to aid with your decision-making.

Rise: How high the waistband of a pair of jeans sits on your torso is referred to as the rise. High-rise jeans are a popular choice with crop tops since they are wonderful for emphasising your waist and lengthening your legs. These can be difficult to style, though, with longer tops or sweaters. Low-rise jeans, on the other hand, are returning and can provide a sensual, edgy vibe. Although they go nicely with trainers and tank tops, people who want more coverage might not find them to be the greatest option. A mid-rise jean, which flatters the waistline while still offering coverage, is a suitable middle ground between the two extremes.

Have a couple pairs of jeans in various washes to fit various situations and seasons. Jeans come in a variety of washes, from light to dark. For formal events or dating evenings, dark wash jeans can be dressed up and still appear smart. While white jeans are a must-have for summer, light wash jeans are ideal for laid-back, informal events and holidays. Jeans with a medium wash are adaptable and suitable for all seasons.

Denim is made of a variety of materials and comes in two main varieties: rigid and stretchy. 100% cotton rigid denim will form to your body over time for a personalised fit. Spandex or elastane is a component of stretchy denim, which provides comfort and flexibility. Mixed-material jeans allow stretch and recovery while yet maintaining their shape, giving you the best of both worlds.

In conclusion, it’s critical to take the rise, wash, and fabric content into account while shopping for jeans in order to locate the ideal pair that complements your body type and matches your style.

Your Questions, Answered

Many people consider jeans to be an essential part of their wardrobe, but it may be difficult to find the appropriate fit, especially when buying online. There are a few considerations to make when purchasing online in order to get the perfect fit. In order to determine where the jeans will strike your legs and how high they will rise on your torso, first take attention to the inseam and rise measures. Many websites list the height of the model and the size they are wearing, which can help you decide what size to choose and if you should consider a short or long version.

When you finally locate the ideal pair of jeans, you want to take care of them. Avoid washing them too frequently if you want to increase their lifespan. Denim should only be washed once every ten wears, according to Levi’s. To prevent stretching, wash your jeans inside out and hang them up to dry. Put them in the dryer on the tumble setting for 10 minutes if you’d rather not let them air dry. To avoid colour fading, always wash clothes in cold water on the delicate cycle, especially if they are black jeans.

Depending on the situation, jeans can be dressed up or down. Distressed clothing and trainers can be combined for a more relaxed look. Change your footwear to heels or sandals and add a belt to fancy up a pair of jeans. The formality of an outfit can also be altered by the top you wear. A bodysuit or corset can be tucked in for a night out, while a simple tee is ideal for a relaxed look. A blazer or leather jacket can also instantly improve the appearance.

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