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For many years, Napoleon Grills has been regarded as a top producer of grills of exceptional quality and affordability. This Napoleon grills review will provide you an overview of the company, its product options, and what makes them stand out from the competition if you’re in the market for a new grill.

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Whether you’re searching for a little grill for a small patio or a commercial-grade device to feed a large crowd, Napoleon Grills has a variety of grills to fit your needs. All of their grills have plenty of cooking space, extra burners, and extensive warranty programs. They are all made with premium materials, including stainless steel throughout.

The attention to detail in Napoleon Grills is one of its best qualities. Numerous of their grills feature extra side burners, built-in beverage coolers with cutting board covers, tool hooks, roomy cupboards, and even infrared rotisserie burners. These features increase convenience and improve the enjoyment of grilling.

Napoleon Grills is renowned for its dedication to excellence. High-quality materials, such as stainless steel, which is strong and resistant to rust and corrosion, are used in the construction of their grills. They also put their grills through a thorough testing process to make sure they live up to the brand’s expectations for longevity and performance.

All Napoleon Grills come with a comprehensive warranty package that gives buyers additional peace of mind. Depending on the model, the warranty’s duration and scope may vary, however all units are protected against manufacturing and material flaws.

In conclusion, Napoleon Grills provides a wide selection of high-quality grills that are affordable and packed with features. Their product collection offers something to offer everyone, regardless of your level of grilling expertise. They stand out as a name in the grilling industry thanks to their dedication to quality, careful attention to detail, and comprehensive warranty packages.

Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill – Best Overall Choice #1

1. Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill – Best Overall Choice #1

For every grill aficionado who demands the best, the Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill is the perfect option. This grill is the perfect grilling machine because to its large cooking area, high BTU output, and a variety of additional functions.

This grill has a generous 500 square inch cooking area and four stainless steel burners, so you can cook a feast. Additionally, it contains a 260 square inch warming rack that is excellent for keeping food warm while the rest of your meal is being prepared.

Despite producing an astounding 48,000 BTUs of flame power, the Prestige 500 goes even further. Additionally, it has a side burner with an infrared sizzling zone that can heat up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 seconds. With the help of this tool, you can quickly sear your steaks to a restaurant-quality finish.

This Napoleon grill’s parts are all expertly and carefully crafted. The outside is made of stainless steel and burnished chrome, making it strong and fashionable. Cooking grids, tube burners, sear plates, and basin are all built entirely of stainless steel under the range hood. Additionally, the distinctive wave cooking grates prevent food from falling through the cracks.

A hood-mounted thermometer for precise temperature readings, a JETFIRETM ignition system for quick and simple starts, and illuminated LED knobs for easier grilling at night are further highlights of the Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill. Your grilling gear and accessories will have plenty of storage space thanks to the closed-cabinet design.

Look no farther than the Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill if you’re looking for a stylish, high-performing grill with lots of cooking space and an infrared burner. Even the most sophisticated grill fan will be impressed by this grill.

Napoleon Prestige 665 Propane Gas Grill – Best Overall Choice #2

2. Napoleon Prestige 665 Propane Gas Grill – Best Overall Choice #2

The Napoleon Prestige 665 Propane Gas Grill is the best choice for individuals looking for a backyard grill with commercial-grade quality. This grill is equipped to handle any cooking chore with ease and boasts an enormous 1,140 square inches of cooking space, five stainless steel main burners, an infrared burner, and a rotisserie kit.

This grill is a terrific option for midnight cooking because it also includes an integrated ice bucket and chopping board, an accu-probe temperature indicator, a roll-top convection lid, interior grill lighting, and illuminated LED controls. The unit is also entirely built of stainless steel, which guarantees both its longevity and provides it a sleek appearance.

Numerous cutting-edge features set apart the Napoleon Prestige 665 Propane Gas Grill from competing grills on the market. For instance, its immediate JETFIRETM ignition mechanism separately ignites each gas burner, making quick and simple starts possible. Additionally, its cross lighting burner mechanism ensures continued cooking by automatically relighting a burner if it goes out or fails to ignite throughout your cooking session.

Dual-level stainless steel sear plates are another feature of this grill that help to balance out cooking, reduce flare-ups, and shield grease from the tube burners. Napoleon’s patented wave grill grate technology is located underneath the hood and makes it possible to cook vegetables and small pieces of fish quickly and effectively.

The Napoleon Prestige 665 Propane Gas Grill is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a grill that can handle any culinary chore, offers commercial-grade quality, and has plenty of cooking space.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Natural Gas Grill

3. Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Natural Gas Grill

For grill fans seeking for a sizable cooking surface and top-notch workmanship, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 Natural Gas Grill is the best choice. With its five burner system and staggering 99,000 BTU heat output, this grill excels in grilling, searing, smoking, and even rotisserie cooking.

This natural gas grill has a cooking surface area of 1,140 square inches, which offers plenty of room to prepare food for big gatherings. Along with two large end tables, it also has an integrated icebox with a cutting board lid on one and a side burner on the other.

With a stainless steel design from top to bottom, this natural gas barbecue is built to last. This grill may be easily moved because of its rolling rollers, despite its substantial size and weight of more than 330 pounds.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 has a front-mounted wood chip smoker tray that lets you add wood chips to your cuisine without opening the cover, making it a unique feature. Additionally, the grill has Napoleon’s renowned wave cooking grids, which promote equal heating and stop small food items from dropping into the grill.

LED knobs, interior grill lighting, a roll-top convection cover with an integrated temperature indicator, a JETFIRETM ignition system, and stainless steel sear plates are further highlights of this natural gas barbecue. The rear infrared rotisserie burner is ideal for slow spit roasting and high-heat searing.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is a commercial-grade natural gas grill with a sizable cooking surface and a five-burner system that is well worth consideration.

Napoleon Rogue 365 Gas Grill

4. Napoleon Rogue 365 Gas Grill

The Napoleon Rogue 365 Gas barbecue can be the ideal choice if you have a little outdoor area but yet want to benefit from a high-quality gas barbecue. Many of the high-end Napoleon models’ features will be present in this grill, but in a more compact and reasonably priced configuration.

Two stainless steel burners located inside the grill’s hood can distribute up to 37,000 BTUs of heat across its 365 square inch cooking surface. The warming rack offers an additional 95 square inches if you need it.

Two foldable side tables are also included with the grill, one of which serves as a range side burner for making sauces or side dishes. It’s a fantastic feature for grillers who enjoy multitasking.

Despite being an entry-level model, the Napoleon Rogue 365 Gas Grill nevertheless has Napoleon’s distinctive porcelain-coated cast iron wave cooking grid. These cooking grids prevent your food from falling into the flames, transfer heat evenly, and are resistant to rust.

The grill also has an immediate JETFIRETM ignition mechanism that separately ignites each burner for quick starts. The cross-lighting system, which automatically relights your gas burners if they unexpectedly go out, is another fantastic feature.

Overall, the Napoleon Rogue 365 Gas Grill is a great choice for anyone seeking premium Napoleon gas grill quality in a scaled-down and more user-friendly form.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill

5. Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill

An outstanding natural gas grill with top-notch features and top-notch workmanship is the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill.

The all-stainless steel structure of this grill, which ensures durability and lifespan, is one of its distinguishing qualities. Four strong gas burners and a 900 square inch cooking surface are located underneath the hood. However, the left side table also functions as a sizzle zone side burner if you require more more room.

For grilling a range of meats, this grill also includes a rear infrared burner and an integrated rotisserie spit. The second side table also functions as an ice bucket with a cutting board lid if you need more prep space.

A roll-top convection lid, inside grill lighting, and LED lit knobs are additional features that make cooking in low light easier. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about food slipping through the grates thanks to Napoleon’s recognizable wave cooking grates.

A closed-cabinet design with enough storage room for all your grilling accessories, a JETFIRETM ignition system, and a thermometer located on the hood are additional features.

In conclusion, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Natural Gas Grill is the best choice available for anyone seeking a large cooking surface, strong BTUs, and unmatched culinary versatility.

Why buy a Napoleon Grill?

Napoleon Grills is a brand to rely on when grilling at home. Napoleon Grills is the largest privately-owned grill manufacturer in North America, and they are known for their high-quality grills, fireplaces, and home heating systems. Their premium-style grills, however, are what make them stand out in the market.

Napoleon grills are regarded as some of the greatest grills for any home since they are stylish and reliable. I’ll list some of the explanations for why I adore Napoleon grills below.

Exceptional Building

All Napoleon gas grills, with the exception of the entry-level Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas Grill, are constructed entirely of stainless steel. The grills are made of this material, which also gives them a sleek appearance and makes them strong, rust- and corrosion-resistant. A benefit for any grill aficionado is that stainless steel is also simple to clean.


The technology included in Napoleon grills improves the cooking experience. Mid-range Napoleon grills feature ceramic infrared burners with an infrared rotisserie spit, integrated ice chests for cold beverages, and side tables that function as side burners. The LED control knobs and grill-out lights installed on the hood make cooking at night more fun.

Constrained Design

I value the closed-cart construction and strong, locking casters in almost every Napoleon gas barbecue. The closed cart conceals the propane tank from view and offers more storage space for grilling accessories.


A hallmark of Napoleon Grills are their substantial warranty policies. A lifetime bumper-to-bumper warranty is included with the Prestige and Prestige PRO gas grills, while the Rogue, Rogue XT, Rogue SE, and Legend Series models are covered for 15 years. Your investment will be safeguarded by this warranty for many years to come.

In conclusion, Napoleon Grills provides the best experience for grilling at home. It is understandable why they are regarded as the top grill manufacturer in North America with their superior technological improvements, high-quality construction, closed-cart design, and generous warranty policies. Purchasing a Napoleon grill is a wise move if you want to improve your grilling skills.

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