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About PlushBeds Mattress

About PlushBeds Mattress

Since 2008, PlushBeds, a well-known name in the mattress market, has been offering clients high-quality and reasonably priced sleep items. The American-based business is proud of its dedication to sustainability and usage of natural resources in its goods.

Top media outlets have given PlushBeds a lot of coverage throughout the years, including Fortune, Vogue, and Elle Decor. The company has also won multiple honors, including Best Mattress Toppers from New York Magazine and Best Organic Mattress in 2020 from

The commitment of PlushBeds to utilise organic and environmentally friendly materials in its mattresses is one of their most appealing features. To provide a cosy and healthful resting environment, the company uses products like organic wool, organic cotton, and organic latex. These materials offer various advantages to sleepers, including improved support and temperature regulation, in addition to being better for the environment.

PlushBeds has gotten rave feedback from customers in every single review. Customers gush about how comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting their mattresses are, and many say that their sleep quality has significantly improved. Customers have plenty of time to test out their new mattress and make sure it is the proper fit for them thanks to PlushBeds’ additional generous 100-night sleep trial.

PlushBeds provides a variety of sleep items in addition to mattresses, such as pillows, mattress toppers, and bedding. PlushBeds is a one-stop shop for all of your sleep needs because all of these items are produced with the same dedication to quality and sustainability as their mattresses.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new mattress, PlushBeds is a company to keep in mind. Because of their dedication to sustainability, use of natural materials, and favourable customer feedback, they are a dependable and trustworthy option for a restful night’s sleep.


Overview of PlushBeds Mattress

Overview of PlushBeds Mattress

Since 2008, PlushBeds, an American business, has provided natural, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced sleep products. Michael Hughes launched the business after learning that his father had Parkinson’s disease, which inspired him to look into potential environmental risk factors. Hughes’ investigation revealed that many mattresses were constructed with substances that could be hazardous to humans. This inspired him to start PlushBeds, a company that specialises in mattresses without toxins.

The organic latex used in PlushBeds mattresses is one of their standout qualities; it has a cooling effect that helps control body temperature while you sleep. They are a long-term investment because of their high level of toughness and 25-year warranty. The mattresses are almost completely noiseless, and the business provides a 100-night free trial as well as free shipping and returns. However, there must be a 30-day break-in period and some of the products require self-assembly.

In addition to memory foam mattresses, natural and organic mattresses, sofa bed mattresses, and RV mattresses are all available at PlushBeds. Along with toppers, bedding, and accessories, the company also sells bed frames, pillows, sheets, and comforters. All of the products are free of harsh chemicals, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic.

The three-part purpose of PlushBeds, which includes creating a superior mattress, altering how Americans sleep, and inspiring change, is something the company takes great pride in. All mattresses are produced in-house at the business’ 80,000 square foot factory in Camarillo, California.

In conclusion, PlushBeds provides a variety of tough, cool, and chemical-free natural and organic sleep items. The business is a top pick for people looking for a healthier and more sustainable sleeping environment due to its dedication to a better customer experience and its goal to inspire change.


Botanical Bliss Mattress

Botanical Bliss Mattress

Botanical Bliss Mattress

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress might be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a cosy and supportive mattress that helps ease your back pain and other aches and pains. It offers good pressure point relief and is advised by chiropractors and orthopaedic professionals.

The personalization possibilities for the Botanical Bliss Mattress are one of its best qualities. The layers can be switched to go between Medium and Firm firmness levels, and you can select between Medium and Firm firmness levels. The Firm option is best for stomach and back sleepers and persons who weigh more than 275 lbs, while the Medium option is best for side sleepers and the majority of sleepers.

The organic latex layers that make up the Botanical Bliss Mattress adapt to the curve of your body and provide excellent support. A top cover made of machine-washable, permeable organic cotton and wool allows for natural temperature management. The Botanical Bliss Mattress is recommended for persons who want a more springy mattress and have a tendency to sweat when they sleep, according to a review by SleepAdvisor. It is also an environmentally friendly product, which is fantastic for those who care about the environment.

There are three alternative heights for the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress: 9, 10, and 12. The cost varies depending on the size and height you select from $999 to $2,798.

In conclusion, anyone looking for a supportive, comfy, and eco-friendly mattress should strongly consider the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress. It appeals to people with various sleeping needs and preferences because to its adaptability, organic materials, and breathable top cover. Some people may find the cost of the Botanical Bliss Mattress to be a bit exorbitant, but the quality and advantages it offers make the purchase price worthwhile.


Luxury Bliss Mattress

Luxury Bliss Mattress

Luxury Bliss Mattress

High-end hybrid latex mattress called the Luxury Bliss is made to offer great comfort and support. The top layer of this mattress is made of organic latex, which adapts to the contour of your body to relieve pressure spots and lessen the likelihood of back problems.

A breathable, machine-washable organic cotton cover and an outer wool layer that functions as a natural temperature control system to keep you from overheating at night complement the latex layer.

The Luxury Bliss mattress’ fabric-encased coil core is one of its distinctive characteristics. The Luxury Bliss uses fabric-encased coils rather than the interconnecting coils seen in other hybrid mattresses, which provides improved support, little motion transfer, and a comfortably buoyant sleep. The Luxury Bliss’ outer wool layer is fire-resistant, providing an additional layer of protection in the event of a nighttime house fire.

There are two firmness options for the Luxury Bliss mattress: Medium and Medium-Firm. The mattress’ layers are locked in place, so it’s critical to select the firmness level that best meets your requirements. While most sleepers and side sleepers like the Medium choice, stomach and back sleepers prefer the Medium-Firm option.

The Luxury Bliss mattress is a top-notch option if you want a mattress that offers outstanding comfort and support. Depending on the size, the cost of this PlushBeds mattress ranges from $799 to $1,798. The Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King versions of the Luxury Bliss are all offered.


Ocean Mist Mattress

Ocean Mist Mattress

Ocean Mist Mattress

The Ocean Mist mattress is one of PlushBeds’ well-known models, and it is among their line of premium mattresses. Thanks to its special qualities and design, this mattress is intended to give you a restful and restorative sleep.

The Ocean Mist mattress is constructed of 3 inches of memory foam with cool gel technology, which is intended to be 30% cooler than conventional memory foam. By naturally wicking away sweat, its cool gel technology creates a pleasant and cool resting surface all night long. Additionally, the foam conforms to the contours of your body, offering superb support and pressure alleviation. The mattress’ soft top layer offers the greatest level of comfort.

A 6-inch high-density polyurethane mattress core sits beneath the memory foam layer. This core keeps the mattress from sinking and provides additional support, preserving its longevity. Instead of a box spring, a strong 8-inch orthopaedic fabric-covered wood foundation supports the mattress. Up to 600 lbs. of sleepers can be supported by this foundation layer.

Cleaning the Ocean Mist mattress is simple and convenient thanks to its machine-washable cover. The mattress will stay fresh and odour-free thanks to the cover’s ventilation and breathability features.

In comparison to other gel memory foam mattresses, the Ocean Mist mattress is reasonably priced and is offered in Medium-Soft firmness level. It provides outstanding value for the money, making it a great option for anyone searching for a supportive mattress that is also comfy. Depending on the size of the mattress, costs might range from $549 to $1,248.

In conclusion, anyone looking for a premium and reasonably priced gel memory foam mattress should strongly consider the PlushBeds Ocean Mist model. This mattress offers exceptional support, comfort, and longevity thanks to its cool gel technology memory foam, high-density core, and robust foundation.


Cool Bliss Mattress

Cool Bliss Mattress

Cool Bliss Mattress

The top-of-the-line Cool Bliss mattress from PlushBeds is made of gel memory foam and is intended to improve sleep quality. Five comfort layers in this mattress combine to provide a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep.

The top layer is a stretchy, breathable organic cotton cover that is light and airy. Three inches of proprietary memory foam are then placed on top of that to provide additional comfort and support. This foam is made to absorb pressure and conform to the curve of your body.

Two inches of natural latex provide additional support and bounce after that. A five-inch supporting core is located beneath this layer, ensuring the mattress keeps its shape and offers outstanding support for many years to come.

Customers have a choice between a natural spruce wood basis and an adjustable recline/incline foundation. The latter type offers a better value and enables you to change the mattress’ slope to achieve the level of support that you find most comfortable.

The medium-soft Cool Bliss mattress is made with a low motion transfer in mind. This makes it the perfect option for couples who are easily woken up at night by their partner’s movements.

Even while this mattress unquestionably qualifies as a luxury option, its cost is competitive with that of other premium memory foam beds currently available. Depending on the size of the mattress, costs might range from $1,049 to $2,198.

Overall, anyone searching for a top-of-the-line gel memory foam mattress that offers amazing comfort and support should consider the PlushBeds Cool Bliss.


Natural Latex Topper

Natural Latex Topper

Natural Latex Topper

It is essential to have a comfy mattress if you want to sleep soundly. But for many people, buying a new mattress can be an expensive investment. Fortunately, a mattress topper is an economical fix for this issue.

Excellent support and pressure point relief are features of the Natural Latex Topper. Its luxurious natural latex construction moulds to your body to provide a pleasant sleeping surface. The Natural Latex Topper is also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GreenGuard Gold certified, guaranteeing its safety and lack of dangerous materials.

There are two different thickness options for the Natural Latex Topper: 2 inches and 3 inches. The 3-inch topper comes in Medium and Medium Firm, while the 2-inch topper comes in Soft, Medium, Medium Firm, and Extra Firm. This gives you the option to select the stiffness level that best suits your needs.

The Natural Latex Topper is a terrific choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to enhance the quality of your sleep. The cost of the 2-inch topper ranges from $206 to 365, while that of the 3-inch topper ranges from $262 to $487. These costs are considerably less than what it would cost to buy a new mattress.

In conclusion, the Natural Latex Topper is a great purchase for anyone wishing to enhance their sleep quality on a budget. Its natural latex construction offers stability and pressure point alleviation, and its range of stiffness options accommodates different tastes. The Natural Latex Topper is a dependable and reasonably priced option for a restful night’s sleep because of the certifications that guarantee its safety and quality.


Memory Foam Topper

Memory Foam Topper

Memory Foam Topper

It’s critical to get a decent night’s sleep for your general health and wellbeing. However, purchasing a new mattress can be rather expensive. The Memory Foam Topper, fortunately, is a practical alternative that can add the extra layer of comfort required for a sound night’s sleep.

A high-quality item that provides cooling comfort and support is the Memory Foam Topper. Because it is manufactured of memory foam that has earned the CertiPUR-US® and GreenGuard Gold certifications, it is free of dangerous chemicals and suitable for usage. The Memory Foam Topper is handcrafted in the USA, much like all of PlushBeds’ goods, guaranteeing quality and dependability.

There are two thickness options available for the memory foam topper: 2 inches and 3 inches. While the 3-inch topper is only available in the 4 lb density, the 2-inch topper is available in both the 4 lb and 5.34 lb densities. While the lower density choice seems softer and more velvety, the higher density option has a harder feel.

The Memory Foam Topper is extremely reasonably priced as well. The cost of the 2-inch topper ranges from $154 to $281, while the cost of the 3-inch topper ranges from $206 to $389. This is a far less expensive choice when compared to the price of a new mattress.

Along with being affordable and comfortable, buyers have given the Memory Foam Topper great reviews. Since the topper helps relieve pressure points and lessen motion transfer, several customers have noted a noticeable improvement in their sleep quality.

In conclusion, the Memory Foam Topper is a great investment if you’re searching for a practical and economical way to enhance your quality of sleep. Its thickness and density options may be customised to suit varied tastes, and its CertiPUR-US® and GreenGuard Gold certifications assure its quality and safety. The Memory Foam Topper is a wise choice for anyone looking for a cosy and restful night’s sleep thanks to its reasonable price tag.


Our Verdict

Our Verdict

Do your homework and carefully weigh all of your options if you’re in the market for a new mattress. A company called PlushBeds has been gaining recognition for their premium mattresses that are all-natural and organic. In this PlushBeds mattress review, we’ll give you a general idea of the company, our thoughts on it, and whether or not buying a PlushBeds mattress is worthwhile.

Our investigation led us to discover that PlushBeds is a company that places a high value on using natural and organic materials. Organic wool, organic cotton, and organic latex are all sourced sustainably and are used in the brand’s mattresses. PlushBeds mattresses are also GOLS, GOTS, and GreenGuard Gold certified, which ensures that the materials are of the highest calibre and devoid of dangerous chemicals.

The dedication to customisation displayed by PlushBeds is one part of the business that sticks out. Customers can pick from a variety of mattress kinds, including hybrid, memory foam, and natural latex options. Customers can choose from a variety of firmness options from the brand to get the one that best suits their preferences and sleeping position. Though advantageous, this personalization does necessitate some trial and error because not all options will be suitable for every user.

Customers must put together their own PlushBeds mattresses because they are not delivered pre-assembled. For some clients who prefer a pre-assembled mattress, this can be a turnoff. It also implies that the mattresses can be delivered right to the customer’s door and are simpler to ship.

So, is a PlushBeds mattress a wise financial decision? The solution is based on your preferences and priorities. PlushBeds is a smart investment if having a natural, organic, and high-quality mattress is important to you. However, keep in mind that not all solutions could be suitable for you, and that finding the best match might need some trial and error.

In conclusion, PlushBeds may not be for everyone, but those who value natural and organic materials in a mattress will find it a dependable alternative because to the company’s dedication to using them and its customizable possibilities. Customers may also test the mattress risk-free and return it if it doesn’t live up to their expectations thanks to a liberal return policy.


Where to Buy PlushBeds

Where to Buy PlushBeds

There are a number of ways to buy a PlushBeds mattress if you’re interested. The company’s website is where it sells its goods directly, but you can also get them at other stores like Amazon, Home Depot, and Wayfair.

You can speak with the customer support team directly by making a purchase there or by dialling their toll-free number at 1-888-286-3454. This choice is advantageous if you have specific queries or worries regarding the products because the staff can offer more in-depth details and suggestions.

For some clients, purchasing from other merchants like Amazon, Home Depot, and Wayfair can be more practical because it enables them to take advantage of the merchant’s shipping rules and rewards programmes. But be aware that costs and accessibility may fluctuate between merchants.

It’s important to note that PlushBeds occasionally offers discounts and deals on their website, so ordering directly from them could result in further savings.

No matter where you decide to purchase your PlushBeds mattress, it’s crucial to be sure you’re doing it from a trustworthy retailer. To obtain a sense of the performance and quality of the product, examine customer reviews and ratings.

In conclusion, you may buy PlushBeds mattresses through the company’s website or from other merchants including Amazon, Home Depot, and Wayfair. Each choice has benefits and drawbacks, therefore it’s critical to carefully consider each one before making a decision. To avoid any problems or scams, it’s also vital to make sure you’re buying from a reliable source.




High-quality mattresses constructed of natural and organic materials are available from the PlushBeds brand. But even the most respected companies occasionally experience problems with their products, so it’s critical to understand what to do in that situation. We will go over some frequently asked questions about PlushBeds in this article, including their return policy, delivery policy, and warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when buying a mattress. A fantastic deal, PlushBeds provides a 25-year warranty on all of its goods. During the first ten years, if a manufacturing or material flaw manifests itself, the company will, at its discretion, repair or replace the damaged mattress. The company will repair the mattress at a reasonable cost to the customer or replace the mattress at a prorated cost to the customer if faults arise from normal wear and tear during the remaining 15 years.

The fabric mattress cover, if provided, misuse, or unclean circumstances are just a few examples of what the guarantee does not cover. Another is minor body impressions that are less than 1.5″ deep. Furthermore, failure due to factors other than defective material and/or workmanship will not be covered by the warranty, nor will shipping and return costs.

PlushBeds provides free shipping inside the contiguous United States, but you must call 1-888-286-3404 for a shipping estimate to other locations. After you place an order, someone will get in touch with you and give you a tracking number in 7-9 business days. After an order is placed, mattresses are built to order and put through a strict quality control procedure. For bespoke orders or during the busiest holiday seasons, an additional 7 business days may be added to the shipping time.

Within 100 days of delivery, you can return your PlushBeds mattress for a complete refund of the purchase price if you’re not happy with it. To give your body time to get used to sleeping on natural latex, the manufacturer suggests that you use it for at least 30 days. It’s also crucial to know that if you choose to return your mattress before the 30-day trial period has passed or keep any additional accessories you received with it, a $99 convenience fee will be subtracted from your refund.

If you wish to have the choice of returning your PlushBeds mattress, it’s also crucial to keep the original packaging since you will need to package the mattress for transportation. The entire purchase price of your mattress will be reimbursed once PlushBeds receives it. But if you reject a purchase, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

In conclusion, PlushBeds can be the best option for you if you’re searching for a top-notch mattress constructed of natural and organic materials. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to take into account their warranty, shipping, and return policies. You can speak with PlushBeds directly if you have any inquiries to learn more.


Contact PlushBeds

Contact PlushBeds

Popular mattress maker PlushBeds is well-known for their premium natural latex mattresses. PlushBeds offers a number of ways to contact their customer service staff, whether you want to make a new mattress purchase, have inquiries regarding the company’s warranty or return policies, or both.

Utilizing the website’s contact form is the simplest way to get in touch with PlushBeds. This is a quick and easy way to get in touch with customer care and ask inquiries. PlushBeds normally responds to customer service-related inquiries between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, or 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST, on Saturday and Sunday. You can also get in touch with one of their sales/mattress specialists, who are available from Monday through Sunday, if you have inquiries about buying a mattress.

Call PlushBeds’ corporate offices at 1-888-286-3404 if you’d rather talk to someone over the phone. During regular business hours, their phone lines are available, and you can anticipate speaking with a competent customer care representative who can address any inquiries you may have regarding PlushBeds’ goods or services. A different option is to fax them at 1-888-286-3454.

Overall, PlushBeds is dedicated to offering top-notch customer care, whether you require assistance selecting a mattress, have inquiries regarding their warranty or return policies, or merely require assistance diagnosing a problem. You may be sure that your inquiries will be immediately and expertly addressed thanks to the team’s numerous simple contact options.

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