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Layla Sleep® – Online Mattress Store for Beds, Bedding
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Layla Memory Foam Mattress
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  • Made In:USA
  • Brand: Layla
  • Sleep Trial: 120 nights
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70 pounds


75 x 54 x 10.5 inches



  • Shipping: Free to contiguous U.S.
  • Made In:USA
  • Brand: Layla
  • Sleep Trial: 120 nights
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Layla Sleep® Official Site – Online Mattress Store for Beds, Bedding

Since 2016, Layla Sleep has been an American-based internet retailer of mattresses and bedding. The flippable memory foam Layla Mattress is the company’s signature item. The mattress’s most recent design was first made available in 2019.

The Layla Mattress has a distinctive design in that it has two hardness levels that can be selected by flipping the mattress over. A layer of convoluted polyfoam and three inches of copper-infused memory foam are combined on one side of the mattress to create a medium-soft sensation that rates a 4 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10. On the opposing side, there is a firm sensation and an inch of memory foam with copper infusion. The shared support centre of the mattress is made up of 4.5 inches of high-density polyfoam that is positioned in the middle of the comfort layers. The 10 inch width of the Layla Mattress is finished with a polyester blend cover.

The Layla Mattress will be thoroughly examined in this evaluation in terms of its design, cost, and functionality. We’ll also compare it to other mattresses of a comparable design and give a summary of Layla Sleep’s return, shipping, and warranty policies.

How Is the Layla Mattress Constructed?

The Layla Mattress is a flippable memory foam bed that has been marketed since 2016 by the US-based mattress and bedding business Layla Sleep. The mattress’ most recent iteration, which was released in 2019, has a 10-inch width, which is typical for memory foam mattresses.

The Layla Mattress cover has a zipper for simple removal and is made of a polyester mix with the brand’s distinctive hexagonal pattern. Although it is advised that the cover be dry cleaned, removal of the cover is not required to change how the mattress feels. The medium-soft and firm surfaces of the mattress can be switched by owners by flipping the mattress over.

The Layla Mattress has a 3-inch top layer of copper-infused memory foam on its medium-soft side, but only a 1-inch layer on its hard side. Both sides hug the body, but the medium-soft side provides a deeper body hug, giving off the classic memory foam sinking-into-the-mattress sensation. While the hard side lacks a transitional layer, the medium-soft side has a 2-inch layer of convoluted polyfoam underneath the memory foam layer.

The Layla cushion has a 4.5-inch high-density polyfoam support core that is shared by both sides of the cushion. The 1-inch comfort layer on the firm side provides less of a barrier between the sleeper and the support centre than the thicker comfort layer on the medium-soft side, resulting in deeper body-cradling.

When compared to other memory foam beds, the Layla Mattress sleeps reasonably cool thanks to copper, which has natural cooling qualities. However, for some individuals, the mattress’ sinkage along the edges may make it difficult to get in and out of bed.

Pricing and Discounts

Pricing and Discounts

Ratings Breakdown

The Layla Mattress was unveiled in 2019 by Layla Sleep, a firm that has been operating since 2016. We will examine the mattress’ performance ratings in more detail in this piece using data from both internal and external testing teams as well as authenticated owner reviews.

The Layla Mattress has a predicted lifetime of six to eight years because it is constructed with high-quality memory foam and sturdy support materials. This is commensurate with the six to eight-year lifespan of a mattress. However, the Layla is prone to body impressions over time, just like the majority of memory foam beds. We advise turning the mattress from head to foot every three to six months and frequently switching it between its two surfaces to avoid this.

Isolating motion
The Layla Mattress is exceptional at reducing motion transmission on both sides of the bed’s surface. Memory foam mattresses typically have slower reaction times than other types of mattresses, which makes them a great choice for people who are easily startled by movement in bed.

Although there is some off-gassing from the Layla Mattress when it is first opened, it goes away much faster than with other all-foam mattresses. Most owner evaluations imply that customers do not have a significant problem with odour.

Reduced Pressure
Although each side of the Layla Mattress works differently with testers of varying weights, both sides provide excellent pressure relief. While our heavier sleepers reported sufficient pressure relief on both sides of the bed, lighter and average weight sleepers may feel some pressure in their shoulders and/or hips when sleeping on the firm side.

Neutrality of Temperature
The Layla Mattress can trap some body heat, similar to other memory foam mattresses, and make you feel warm while you slumber. However, compared to many rival memory foam beds, this one has superior temperature neutrality thanks to its copper-infused memory foam and medium-soft transitional polyfoam layer. For those who typically overheat on all-foam beds, both sides give above-average temperature neutrality.

Edge Protection
The Layla Mattress’ side support is adequate. When lying on the mattress, our testers found both sides to be fairly stable, but when they sat on the tip of the bed, they experienced significant sinkage. Some people may find it challenging to get into and out of bed as a result, and the sinkage may get worse over time.

All-foam mattresses typically make noise, but the Layla Mattress doesn’t.

In summation, the Layla Mattress provides excellent pressure relief, temperature neutrality, and motion isolation. Its memory foam with copper infusion and transitional polyfoam layer make it a fantastic choice for people who typically slumber hot on all-foam beds, despite its average durability and edge support.

Sleeper Ratings

A good night’s sleep depends on your mattress, but it can be difficult to locate the right firmness and thickness. Our team assessed the Layla Mattress using sleep testers with various body types and position preferences in order to aid readers in making educated decisions.

The medium-soft side offered more padding and better pressure relief, particularly for side sleepers, for light sleepers who weigh less than 130 lbs. Additionally, the additional padding around the shoulders and hips enhanced spine alignment. The medium-soft side is more comfortable for the typical light sleeper, though those who desire more cradling may prefer the firm side.

Both sides of the Layla Mattress gave average-weight sleepers between 130 and 230 lbs. excellent body contouring and overall pressure relief. The harder side caused some additional pressure that testers felt in their shoulders and hips, whereas the medium-soft side was more supportive and produced little to no additional pressure. Depending on personal tastes, people in this weight range may find either side of the mattress to be comfortable.

The firm side was discovered to be very supportive for heavy sleepers weighting more than 230 lbs, resulting in excellent spinal alignment and less added strain. It was decided that the medium-soft side was too flexible and led to excessive sinking. Weightier people typically favour medium-firm or firm mattresses because softer surfaces can sag excessively and lose support, which can be uncomfortable. While our testing indicates heavier people will likely feel more comfortable and experience more pressure relief on the firm side of the Layla, the medium-soft side may be appropriate for those who prefer a deep cradle.

In conclusion, a sound night’s slumber depends on selecting a mattress with the proper firmness and thickness. When choosing a mattress, factors like body weight, shape, and favoured sleeping position should be taken into account. Testing the mattress on sleepers with different body types and sleeping preferences can help prevent subjectivity in reviews.

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Layla Sleep® – Online Mattress Store for Beds, Bedding
Layla Sleep® – Online Mattress Store for Beds, Bedding


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