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About ScentBox
First-time ScentBox subscribers save 35% on their first month's subscription, which works out to $9.72 for the Standard plan and $12.97 for the Premium plan. For this, there is no need for a ScentBox promo code because the discount will be applied immediately during checkout.

About ScentBox

About ScentBox

Discovering novel fragrances is always fun for those who enjoy perfume. But purchasing pricey perfume bottles on a regular basis can be expensive. ScentBox, a monthly subscription service that sends high-end colognes and fragrances to your door, fills that need.

ScentBox might be the answer for you if you dislike trying on fragrances at retail stores or have a collection of empty perfume bottles at home. With this subscription service, you can indulge your fragrance addiction or find new scents that work best for you.

ScentBox has been praised by AskMen as one of the top cologne subscription services, and CNN suggested it as a wonderful present idea. It makes sense to question whether the subscription is worthwhile given the high acclaim.

In order to determine if the ScentBox subscription service is suitable for you, our evaluation looks carefully at the products, pricing, customer feedback, promotions, and more. We look into the selection of fragrances, the standard of the perfumes, and the cost of the subscription.

ScentBox has a selection of brand and specialty scents for both sexes. You get an 8 ml spray container of the perfume you choose every month. The subscription service makes it affordable to find new faves because it enables you to sample various scents without buying a full-sized bottle.

The subscription is reasonably priced, with the entry-level plan beginning at just $9.72 per month. For an additional $15 a month, you can pick a premium plan that gives you access to a larger variety of high-end fragrances. ScentBox is an even more alluring choice thanks to its promotions and discounts for new subscribers.

ScentBox has received extremely positive customer feedback, with many subscribers praising the selection and caliber of scents, the ease of the service, and the top-notch customer service.


Overview of ScentBox

Overview of ScentBox

The two siblings who founded had a love for high-end colognes. They understood that it was challenging and expensive to test out scents they were interested in given the over 1000 new fragrances that are released each year. ScentBox was created with the goal of giving people an affordable method to try out new fragrances. Craig and Les Dualba.

In atomizer vials that have been separately rebottled and repackaged by the business in Beverly Hills, California, ScentBox sells authentic designer fragrances. In addition, members have the option of buying full-sized goods packaged in stylish and elegant ScentBox bottles.

With a ScentBox membership, customers can taste a brand-new, high-end cologne or perfume each month with the option to buy them in larger sizes. Depending on the plan selected, the service offers between 575 and 850+ fragrances for testing. After sampling a scent in a ScentBox, subscribers can commit to it or choose a rotating set to keep things fresh.

For those who enjoy changing up their fragrances, a fragrance subscription is ideal. For varying settings and seasons, different colognes and perfumes can be worn. Summertime may call for floral fragrances, while a night out might call for more seductive scents. Following a wash at the gym, something lite and energizing might be ideal.

In conclusion, ScentBox provides fragrance lovers with an affordable and practical method to experiment with brand-new luxury scents. Subscribers have access to a wide selection of designer fragrances and have the option to buy full-sized products, allowing them to find new scents that fit their tastes and lifestyle.


The DL on Fragrance

The DL on Fragrance

Fragrances have a distinctive and individual quality. The way a fragrance smells on a person depends on how the molecules of the perfume respond to their body chemistry. Many times, a scent will smell different on a person’s skin than it does on a sample card. The enigma surrounding this scent only heightens its allure.

But fragrance tastes go beyond individual preferences. Our subconscious has a big impact on the fragrances we choose, and it may even have an impact on the partners we choose. A 2001 study that appeared in the journal Behavior Ecology found that a person’s choice of fragrance conveys genetic cues to prospective partners. People frequently favor scents that go well with their main histocompatibility complex. (MHC). The immunogenetic profile of a person is made up of genes in this complex. Selecting partners with various MHCs increases the likelihood that the children will have a robust immune system.

Although we don’t advise choosing fragrances exclusively based on this criteria, it is an intriguing aspect to take into account. Fragrances are frequently used to draw people, and picking scents that work well with your body chemistry can help you attract more people.

Given this, ScentBox provides a distinctive and practical method to experiment with fragrances. Depending on the subscription, people can choose from 575-850+ perfumes, allowing them to experiment with new scents every month. Unlike the typical perfume or cologne sample, which contains only 15 sprays, the subscription includes a sizable scent sample with 150 sprays. Finding the ideal fragrance is made simple by the service’s free delivery and up to eight free exchanges annually. Subscribers are under no obligation and may terminate at any moment.


How It Works

How It Works

ScentBox might become your new favorite subscription service if you are a fragrance enthusiast looking for a convenient and varied way to sample new fragrances. ScentBox provides a broad variety of options that go beyond what you can find in most physical stores, with hundreds of designer fragrances to choose from each month.

The subscription procedure is simple: after signing up, you can look through the ScentBox website’s alphabetical list of fragrances and select a scent you want to try. For a fraction of the price of a full-sized bottle, the subscription gives you a 30-day supply of the scent, which is equal to 125 sprays. That is incredibly considerate considering that most typical perfume samples are only 1.5 oz and only contain about 15 sprays.

ScentBox’s versatility is one of its best features. You can terminate your subscription at any moment, unlike with other luxury product subscriptions. You can also choose the duration of a subscription present and give it to someone special. Additionally, you are entitled to a complimentary exchange of your scent once per month if you are dissatisfied with it.


centBox Pricing

centBox Pricing

ScentBox is a subscription-based business that provides customers with designer scents. Customers can select the subscription option that best fits their requirements from two available options. We’ll break down ScentBox’s pricing choices and service offerings in this review.

The Standard ScentBox, which costs $14.95 a month, is the first membership option. Customers can pick one designer fragrance per month from a selection of more than 575 perfumes or colognes with this plan. The membership also includes a keepsake case and refillable travel spray.

The Premium ScentBox, which costs $19.95 a month, is the second membership option. Customers can choose one designer fragrance per month from a selection of more than 850 fragrances available through this service. The membership also comes with a keepsake case and refillable travel spray.

Additionally, customers can buy memberships as gifts that last three, six, or twelve months. A yearly subscription choice is also available, but it costs money up front. Except for the cancellation clause, the website does not offer much information on these choices.


Our Verdict on ScentBox

Our Verdict on ScentBox

A fragrance subscription service called ScentBox sells designer scents for a reasonable fee. We will express our opinion on ScentBox’s value in this evaluation.

ScentBox might be the answer for you if full-size designer fragrances are out of your price range. Through the Standard Subscription, you have access to over 500 scents, making it an inexpensive way to try out new fragrances. However, the Premium Subscription gives you access to more than 850 perfumes if you are a fragrance fiend and crave more options.

The value of this subscription depends on how often you apply cologne or perfume. For instance, a Standard Subscription for one year would cost $179.40. Depending on the brand, that is the cost of 1-2 big luxury fragrance bottles. A large-size container of cologne or perfume typically holds 100 ml, or 1400 sprays. A little more than 8 months would pass if you used four doses per day for 250 days.

The ScentBox subscription provides more flexibility and variety if you regularly apply fragrances. As an alternative, you can compile a collection of your best scents if you’re a semi-frequent or infrequent user.


ScentBox Signup

ScentBox Signup

Popular fragrance subscription service ScentBox enables users to sample new fragrances each month without spending a fortune. The process of signing up for the service is fast and simple; all you have to do is go to and select either the Standard or Premium plan. Simply enter your payment and address information after making your choice to establish a ScentBox account.

It’s essential to know that your first month’s subscription will be charged when you place your order, and that you will then be charged every month beginning 7 days before your order is scheduled to ship. This guarantees that your ScentBox will always reach on time.

The next part of this ScentBox subscription review has more information on shipping if you’re interested. ScentBox takes pleasure in providing quick and dependable shipping, so you can count on your box to show up at your door quickly.

In general, getting a ScentBox membership is simple. ScentBox has you covered whether you want to add more fragrances to your collection or just frequently test out new scents. It’s no surprise that ScentBox is a fan favorite among those who enjoy wearing fragrances, with a broad selection of scents to select from and flexible subscription options.




CentBox is a scent subscription service that sends free samples of cologne and perfume to customers across the country. It’s critical to comprehend ScentBox’s shipping, return, and cancellation rules if you’re thinking about becoming a subscriber.

Shipping Procedure
ScentBox only offers free delivery within the United States. Depending on when you subscribed, the shipping date for fragrance boxes varies and occurs four times per month. Every month, ScentBox dispatches on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th. Your box will arrive on the 14th of the month if you subscribe between the first and seventh of the month. Your box will arrive on the 21st of the month if you subscribe between the 8th and the 14th. Your box will arrive on the 28th of the month if you subscribe between the 15th and 21st. Additionally, your box will arrive on the seventh of the following month if you subscribe between the 22nd and the last day of the current month. Delivery of ScentBox typically takes 7 to 10 business days after it departs. When their box arrives, subscribers get a monthly email notification. Shipments of full-size bottles reach their destination in 4-6 business days after the order is made. Both purchase types can be followed up on using your ScentBox login.

The monthly ship date can be changed by subscribers by emailing customer support at Be aware that altering your ship date will also alter the date of your monthly payment. Orders are charged seven days prior to shipping.

Return Procedure
Subscribers to ScentBox are eligible for one swap shipment each month, with a cap of five exchange shipments per calendar year. scent samples returned with less than 90% of the original scent won’t be accepted, and exchanges are handled for free at ScentBox’s discretion.

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