About Sleep EZ

About Sleep EZ

It’s common to give up a good night’s sleep in a world where the demands of everyday life seem to draw us in all directions. However, the advantages of sleep are well known, and it’s essential to preserving general health and wellbeing. One of the best mattress companies that can make falling asleep simple is Sleep EZ.

One of the most prosperous private mattress businesses in North America, Sleep EZ has a devoted following of repeat buyers. Their beds made of natural latex can adapt to your body without overheating or transferring germs. In this Sleep EZ review, we’ll look more closely at what distinguishes Sleep EZ from the other mattress choices available.

High-quality materials are used with satisfaction by Sleep EZ to produce a lasting and relaxing sleeping environment. They use natural latex made from rubber trees, which is hypoallergenic and environmentally beneficial. Additionally, GOTS and OEKO-TEX have both granted their organic cotton blankets certification.

To accommodate various sleeping needs and preferences, Sleep EZ provides a range of mattresses. The Select Sleep Organic Latex Mattress, the Roma Latex Mattress, and the Hybrid Latex Mattress are their three different mattress models.

The most well-liked option is the Select Sleep Organic Latex Mattress, which features a customizable design that lets you select the firmness degree on each side of the mattress. Couples with dissimilar slumber habits will particularly benefit from this.

A more affordable choice is the Roma Latex Mattress, which has a straightforward yet cozy layout and provides good support and pressure relief.

The Hybrid rubber Mattress offers a soft and long-lasting sleeping surface by fusing the advantages of rubber with the support of pocketed coils.


Why You Should Trust Us

Why You Should Trust Us

Making the best purchase choice in the modern world, where there are countless alternatives for every product category, can be overwhelming. To help you navigate the market, it’s crucial to have a source of trustworthy and objective product evaluations. At our company, we take very carefully our mission of offering beneficial product reviews. Here are some reasons to believe in us:

Complete Research

Each product category is thoroughly investigated by our team of passionate researchers, who also spend hours studying the most recent trends and technologies and examining customer feedback. We provide you with thorough reviews that cover every element of a product, going beyond the basic information.

Consultant Advice

To gain perspective on the products we evaluate, we speak with medical professionals as well as other experts in related areas. We seek the advice of professionals who have first-hand knowledge of the products we’re reviewing and are up to speed on the most recent developments in those areas.

Unprejudiced Analysis

We take great pleasure in offering unbiased product reviews to our readers. We don’t let money from sellers or makers sway our opinions in any way. Our objective is to provide you with an unbiased evaluation of each product, highlighting both its advantages and disadvantages so that you can choose your buy wisely.

User Reviews

When evaluating goods, we also take user reviews into consideration. To learn about actual users’ experiences, we carefully read customer evaluations from a variety of sources. This feedback gives us important information about how a product works in actual situations and helps us validate our analysis.


We at our company are dedicated to giving our customers honest, dependable product reviews. We take our mission seriously and put a lot of time and effort into our study, expert consultations, product analysis, and customer feedback. You can rely on us to give you the details you need to make wiser, more knowledgeable purchase choices.


Overview Of Sleep EZ

Overview Of Sleep EZ

Our physical and mental health depend on having enough restful sleep, which is a basic human need. As a result, picking the correct mattress is essential because it has a direct impact on how well we sleep. In this respect, Arizona-based Sleep EZ is a business with over 35 years of experience that specializes in making premium latex mattresses. We’ll examine Sleep EZ in more detail in this article, along with its goods and the reasons you ought to think about buying a mattress from them.

Product Summary

A family-run company called Sleep EZ is known for making some of the finest latex mattresses available. Despite some people’s skepticism, latex beds have a number of advantages over other kinds of mattresses. As an illustration, latex beds are renowned for their exceptional adaptability, increased airflow, decreased tension on pressure points, and hypoallergenic qualities. They basically encourage a sound, uninterrupted slumber and are incredibly comfortable.

Sleep EZ is dedicated to using organic materials and averting dangerous chemicals in addition to making high-quality latex mattresses. The fact that all of their beds have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification verifies that they adhere to the strictest safety and environmental requirements. Additionally, they use Joma wool, obtained from New Zealand, which is all-natural and protects against sweaty nights and fires, and cotton that is completely free of polyester in their covers.


  • From adjustable beds and foldable mattresses to foundations and toppers, Sleep EZ provides a broad variety of products. Here are some positive aspects of the business:
  • Mattresses that can be adjusted: Sleep EZ’s latex mattresses have a feature that allows you to modify the firmness level to meet your tastes without having to replace the entire mattress.
  • Free Shipping: Sleep EZ makes it easier for customers to receive their orders by providing free shipping on all of their goods.
  • 90-Day Risk-Free Trial: Customers can test out mattresses for up to 90 days and return them if they’re not happy with their purchase thanks to the company’s 90-day risk-free trial time.
  • Materials from Natural Sources: Sleep EZ is dedicated to using organic materials in their goods that are free of toxic chemicals and harmful organisms.
  • Financing Payment Plans: To make their buy more affordable, customers can choose financing payment plans through Affirm.
  • Sleep EZ has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, demonstrating their dedication to high-quality goods and client satisfaction.


To sum up, Sleep EZ is a respectable business that manufactures premium latex mattresses using natural materials and no harmful chemicals. Their mattresses are a fantastic option for anyone looking for a cozy and adaptable sleeping experience because they feature adjustable firmness, free shipping, and a 90-day risk-free trial. The company’s Better Business Bureau ranking also demonstrates its dedication to high-quality products and client satisfaction. Overall, Sleep EZ is unquestionably an option to think about when shopping for your next mattress.


Sleep EZ Mattress Review

Sleep EZ Mattress Review

A family-run mattress firm with over 35 years of experience is called Sleep EZ. Their area of expertise is the creation of premium latex mattresses that are intended to offer a cozy and restful night’s slumber. We’ll examine what makes Sleep EZ mattresses unique from the competition in more detail in this evaluation.

The first advantage of latex over other materials typically used in mattresses is that Sleep EZ’s mattresses are manufactured from naturally sourced latex. Due to its high adaptability, latex adapts to the curve of your body to provide you with the best possible comfort and support. In comparison to other materials, it also has a greater rate of airflow, which can keep you cool all night. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, latex is a fantastic material for people with allergies or hypersensitivity.

The adjustable nature of Sleep EZ’s beds is one of their best qualities. It’s simple to find the ideal amount of body support with many of their models because you can quickly adjust the firmness of your mattress. Couples who prefer different sleeping positions will particularly benefit from this because they can each customize their side of the bed to their preferences.

Sleep EZ has gone above and beyond in terms of certifications to guarantee that their beds are constructed from secure and organic materials. Their mattresses are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they are devoid of any potentially hazardous materials or chemicals. Additionally, the cloth covers they use don’t contain any polyester, and the wool they use comes from New Zealand and protects against fire and perspiration.

Additionally, Sleep EZ provides a variety of other features that make them a desirable option for mattress buyers. For a 90-day risk-free trial period and free shipping on all purchases, you can test out your new mattress in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, they provide Affirm financing payment options, which makes it simple to pay for your new mattress over time.

Overall, anyone searching for a premium latex mattress made from natural and secure materials should consider Sleep EZ. Find the ideal mattress for your requirements is made simple by their adjustability, free shipping, and risk-free trial period.

Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress Review

Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress Review

Looking for a mattress that will provide you with the finest sleep of your life and is comfortable and adaptable? The Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress is the only option.

The Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress provides virtually limitless customization options to suit your sleeping preferences thanks to the ability to alter the thickness and layering of the mattress. With the four different thickness choices available—7, 9″, 10,” and 13″—you can find the ideal fit regardless of whether you prefer a firmer or softer mattress.

Customers have gushed about the quality of slumber they’ve had on the slumber EZ Organic Latex Mattress, and the reviews bear this out. One client even declared it to be the best slumber of their life. The best bit, though? The queen-sized, 9″ thick mattress is presently offered for only $1,449, down from the regular price of $1,949. You don’t need a Sleep EZ coupon to take advantage of this offer.

So think about purchasing the Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress if you’re sick of having irregular sleep schedules and looking for a cozy and adaptable answer. You will quickly be on your way to sweet dreams thanks to its capacity to accommodate your particular sleeping tastes.

Sleep EZ Latex RV Mattress Review

Sleep EZ Latex RV Mattress Review

The Sleep EZ Latex RV Mattress may be the answer you’ve been looking for if you have unusual sleeping accommodations and require a custom-sized mattress. Although intended for RVs, this mattress has uses beyond simply mobile homes.

The lightweight design of the Sleep EZ Latex RV Mattress makes it simple to move around or alter as required. But don’t be misled by its mobility; comfort isn’t compromised. You’ll get the support and cushioning you need for a restful night’s slumber thanks to the 3 inches of latex on top of the foam interior. It comes in two thickness options, 6 inches or 9 inches, allowing you to select the degree of support that best suits your requirements.

Don’t fret if you have a special sleeping arrangement, such as an antique bedframe or a trailer with odd dimensions; Sleep EZ can make a custom size for you. Additionally, one happy customer claims that the mix of density in the latex and foam foundation results in a pressure-point-free sleeping experience.

Currently, the twin size and 6-inch height Sleep EZ Latex RV Mattress is on sale for $499, a discount from its normal price of $799. The Sleep EZ Latex RV Mattress is a fantastic choice to take into account whether you’re traveling in an RV or merely need a custom-sized mattress for your special sleeping area.

Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress Review

Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress Review

The right mattress can make a world of difference when it comes to getting a decent night’s sleep. Because of this, we’re going in-depth with the Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress.

One half of this special mattress is firm, while the other is medium in terms of material distribution. This design accommodates people whose preferences for sleep change over time by allowing them to swap sides to find the ideal amount of support.

Customers laud the ease and support of the Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress. Although I favor the firm side, both are supportive and comfortable, said one happy customer. This is because the mattress is manufactured entirely of natural Dunlop latex, providing a comfortable sleep regardless of which side you select.

The quilted top of the Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress is another benefit. In order to prevent waking up to discover your blankets on the floor, this feature helps keep them in place. This can be particularly useful for those who move around a lot while sleeping or who have a restless bed partner.

The Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress is no exception to the rule that excellent products are not free. Normally $1,299, a queen-size mattress is presently discounted to $799. Even though it might still be out of some people’s price range, for those seeking a long-term sleep solution, the expenditure might be worthwhile.

Overall, it appears that the Sleep EZ Roma Latex Mattress is a good option for anyone looking for a firm and comfy mattress. It stands out from other mattresses on the market thanks to its asymmetrical design, natural latex construction, and considerate quilted cover. For those who value their slumber and want a high-quality mattress, it might be a splurge, but it might also be a wise investment.

Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid Review

Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid Review

Finding the ideal mattress can be difficult, particularly if you have difficulty choosing between a firm or soft bed. The Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid is a cushion that combines a coiled interior with a latex exterior to achieve the ideal level of comfort.

When it comes to comfort and flexibility, this innovative design offers the best of both worlds, making it a popular option for obstinate sleepers.

The adjustable base of the Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid is one of its most notable features. Whether you want the foundation to be flat, perked up, or contoured, you can easily change it with a remote control to provide the right amount of support. With such a high degree of customization, you can always find the ideal sleeping position for you, regardless of how frequently those requirements may alter.

The Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid includes necessary components like Joma wool to maintain the bed’s support and comfort despite its adjustable base. One reviewer who complimented the mattress for its quality said, “Both firm and soft. You don’t want to lie on a rock or sink. High quality and very weighty.

Quality obviously has a price. A queen-size Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid mattress costs $1,099 (regularly $1,599) without the adjustable base. The cost of a queen-size mattress goes up to $2,094 (from $2,594) for those who want the adjustable foundation as an additional bonus. Although some people may find this to be a sizable expenditure, the high quality of the materials and the option to customize the mattress may make it worthwhile.

Overall, those looking for a flexible, high-quality mattress that can be customized to their requirements will love the Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid. It distinguishes itself from other mattresses on the market thanks to its special latex and coil construction and adjustable base. Even though it might be a bit pricey, those who value their slumber and want a reliable, long-term solution might find it to be an investment that is well worth their money.

Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop Review

Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop Review

It can be difficult to find a mattress that can suit various sleeping preferences, but the Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop aims to address this issue.

To give users a cozy and rejuvenating night’s slumber, this mattress combines natural latex with quantum edge coils and bolsa comfort core coils.

This mattress’ dual-sided design, which provides two distinct firmness levels, is one of its most distinctive qualities. To discover the ideal level of comfort for your requirements, simply flip the mattress over, regardless of whether you favor a firmer or softer sleep experience. Customers can further tailor their slumber experience by selecting Talalay or Dunlop latex.

The Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop has received high marks from customers for its ability to offer a soft yet firm resting surface. My wife and I are both side sleepers, and the bed is very soft yet supportive without making us feel like we are sinking in, said one customer on the Sleep EZ website.

Quality, though, has a cost. The Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop in queen size usually costs $1,895, but it’s presently on sale for $1,395. Even though it might be a sizable expenditure, those who value their sleep may find that the toughness and adaptability of this mattress make it worthwhile.

Overall, for those seeking for a premium, adaptable mattress, the Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop is a great option. It distinguishes itself from competing mattresses on the market thanks to its dual-sided construction, natural latex filling, and coils. For those who value a good night’s sleep, even though it may be a bit pricey, its capacity to suit various sleeping preferences and its provision of a supportive yet comfortable sleep surface make it a worthwhile investment.

Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress Review

Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress Review

Customer feedback indicates that the Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress is the most well-liked item on the company’s website. Numerous consumers have praised the mattress, claiming that it is firm, supportive, and opulent.

The dual-sided construction of this mattress, which enables users to personalize their sleeping experience, is one of its distinguishing qualities. Simply flip the mattress over to the other side to find the ideal degree of comfort for your requirements, whether you prefer a firmer or softer slumber surface. Additionally, because of this function, it is a great option for couples with various sleeping preferences.

The Organic Latex Mattress is made of premium components, including 100% natural Dunlop latex, like other Sleep EZ beds. This substance is renowned for its toughness and capacity to offer a firm yet comfortable resting surface. A quilted cover for the mattress is another feature that aids in keeping blankets in position.

The Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress is the priciest and most opulent of the brand’s standard beds. Normally $2,199, it’s presently on sale for $1,669 instead. Even though it might be a sizable expenditure, those who value their sleep will find that this mattress’ comfort and durability make it a good choice.

In summation, for those seeking a top-notch, opulent mattress, the Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress is a great option. It distinguishes itself from other mattresses on the market thanks to its dual-sided construction and use of natural materials. Even though it may be pricey, making the investment will be worthwhile if you want a durable, supportive resting surface.


Who Is Sleep EZ For?

Who Is Sleep EZ For?

Mattresses from Sleep EZ are made to accommodate a broad range of preferences and needs. They provide a variety of mattresses, such as latex, hybrid, and pillow-top models, all of which have special characteristics that address various sleeping tastes.

Sleep EZ provides mattresses with 100% natural Dunlop or Talalay latex for those who prefer a firmer feel. The mattress can be turned to the appropriate firmness level thanks to its dual-sided construction. The most well-known and opulent of their entry-level beds, the Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress stands out thanks to a dash of excellence.

Whoever wants the best of both realms will love the Sleep EZ Select Sleep Hybrid. For support and comfort, it blends a coiled interior with a latex exterior. You can change the mattress’ level of firmness using an adjustable foundation that you can operate with a remote.

For those who share a bed with someone who has distinct sleeping preferences, the Sleep EZ 360 Hybrid Pillowtop is perfect. It has two different degrees of firmness and can be turned over for a softer or firmer rest.

For people who are concerned about the climate, Sleep EZ mattresses are excellent. Their beds are made from organic cotton, Joma wool, and 100% natural latex. Additionally, they are dedicated to lowering their carbon impact by utilizing eco-friendly resources and manufacturing techniques.

Even though Sleep EZ only delivers to the lower 48 states, those who reside there can benefit from these top-notch mattresses. Every income can be accommodated with a Sleep EZ mattress, which are available for $799 to $2,199.

In conclusion, Sleep EZ is a great option for anyone looking for a premium mattress that can be customized and is built from natural materials. Whatever level of firmness or softness you desire, Sleep EZ has a mattress that can meet your requirements.


Is Sleep EZ Legit?

Is Sleep EZ Legit?

A family-run mattress firm with over 40 years of experience is called Sleep EZ. Despite not having a well-known brand in the mattress sector, they have succeeded in building a solid clientele. But the issue of legitimacy for Sleep EZ still exists.

The fact that Sleep EZ is a tiny, family-run business is one of the reasons why so many people have faith in them. They have developed a reputation for providing premium mattresses at affordable prices and have a thorough grasp of their customers’ requirements. This has assisted them in obtaining favorable testimonials from grateful clients.

The dedication to openness displayed by Sleep EZ is another factor supporting the legitimacy of the business. They offer comprehensive details about the components and production methods used to make their beds. This degree of openness is uncommon in the mattress sector, and it aids consumers in making wise mattress purchases.

A generous refund policy and warranty are also provided by Sleep EZ for their mattresses. Customers have 90 days to test out their mattresses, and if they are not satisfied, they can get a full refund. Additionally, they offer a 20-year warranty on their mattresses, which is a lengthier period than the industry norm.

Finally, Sleep EZ has a friendly, accommodating customer service staff. They are accessible to respond to any inquiries clients may have about their goods and offer advice on picking the best mattress.


Where To Buy Sleep EZ

Where To Buy Sleep EZ

There are two main choices for you to think about if you want to buy a Sleep EZ mattress. If you reside in the Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale areas, you can purchase straight from their website, sleepez.com, or you can go to one of their retail establishments.

You can conveniently browse through their entire assortment of mattresses and other sleep products by ordering from sleepez.com online. You can read customer reviews on the website to get a clearer idea of which product might be ideal for you, and it is simple to navigate. After choosing what you want, you can buy online and have it delivered to your house.

You can go to one of Sleep EZ’s retail sites if you’d rather make your purchases in person. If you want to try out various mattresses and see how they feel before buying one, this can be a great choice. You can speak with the sales representatives to receive tailored advice based on your sleeping tastes and price range. Additionally, you can benefit from any deals or reductions that might be provided in-store.

Whichever route you take, purchasing a Sleep EZ mattress has the additional advantage of a 90-night sleep trial. This gives you a few months to test your new mattress to see if it’s the correct one for you. You can exchange it for a different product or return it for a complete refund if you’re dissatisfied for any reason.




A well-known mattress manufacturer that provides premium goods at reasonable rates is called Sleep EZ. You might have some inquiries about Sleep EZ’s policies and procedures if you’re thinking about buying a mattress from them. The following are some Sleep EZ questions that are commonly asked:

Owner of Sleep EZ?
Larry Wolfe established Sleep EZ, and he continues to own it today.

Sleep EZ offers worldwide shipping.
No, Sleep EZ only delivers to locations located in the contiguous 48 states of the United States. For $99, customers can have their purchases shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.

What are the delivery rules for Sleep EZ?
All orders from Sleep EZ come with free shipping. FedEx delivers orders, and it usually takes 48 hours for them to depart the warehouse. The majority of mattresses come in 1 to 3 cartons. Customers can choose white glove delivery for an extra $199, which could take up to 2 weeks.

What is the return procedure for Sleep EZ?
A 90-day trial time is available for the majority of Sleep EZ’s mattresses. You can return your buy to the merchant for a refund if you’re not happy with it. Customers must, however, pay a $99 return charge.


How To Contact Sleep EZ

How To Contact Sleep EZ

There are a few ways to get in contact with Sleep EZ if you have inquiries about its goods or services. Calling their customer service department at 800-710-9846 is one choice. Any questions you may have, from product specifics to shipping information, can be answered by their representatives.

You can get in touch with Sleep EZ through their website as well. You can submit a form with your name, email address, and message on their “Contact Us” website. The business will then reply to your email with a response.

Use the live chat option on Sleep EZ’s website if you’d rather speak with an employee there. To begin a conversation, merely select the “Chat” button in the lower right corner of the page.

Regardless of the method of contact you select, Sleep EZ’s customer service staff is committed to assisting you in finding the ideal mattress and offering outstanding support throughout your purchasing experience.

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