About Smart Nora

About Smart Nora

Are you sick and tired of missing out on slumber because your partner snores? It’s not just you. A quarter of all people snore frequently, which can make their partners frustrated and sleep deprived. Although there are snoring remedies, many of them require mouth guards or nasal strips that may reduce the overall quality of your sleep. Smart Nora steps in at this point.

The Smart Nora gadget gently moves your pillow as you slumber to position you in a less snore-inducing posture in response to your snoring. Men’s Health, USA Today, The New York Times, and other media have praised it as an excellent sleep aid.

Here are some of Smart Nora’s highlights:

Solution for contactless breathing
can enhance the user’s and their partner’s quality of slumber
30-night portable trial time
Free delivery
Payment schedules provided by Affirm
The fact that Smart Nora is contactless means you can sleep without wearing any cumbersome devices, which is one of its finest features. Additionally, it is transportable, allowing you to bring it wherever you go. Additionally, you have a 30-night trial time to return the device for a full refund if you’re not happy with it.

It’s simple to set up Smart Nora. Turn on the device, put the included insert in your pillowcase, and set the gadget on your bedside. When Smart Nora notices you snoring, it will softly reposition your pillow to improve your breathing.

Many clients have praised Smart Nora, claiming that it has saved their relationships and improved their quality of slumber. Customers have, however, complained that the gadget is overly sensitive and can be set off by other noises, like a vehicle passing by outside.

In conclusion, anyone who snores or has a companion who snores should consider using Smart Nora. It has a 30-night trial time, is portable, and is contactless. While some users have complained about sensitivity problems, many others have given the product glowing reviews.


Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora

The Smart Nora is a special and cutting-edge remedy for snorers and their companions who experience restless nights. Despite the product being fairly straightforward, customers like it because of how well it reduces snoring.

The Smart Nora is simple and quick to set up. A pebble, an air pump, and a pillow insert are included in the box. The pillow insert must be inserted into your pillowcase, the air pump must be attached to the insert, and the pebble must be set on your nightstand. Since the gadget is non-invasive and contactless, you won’t experience any discomfort or irritability.

A 30-night sample period is provided by The Smart Nora, giving you plenty of time to determine whether it is right for you. The product is an affordable choice for those on a tight budget because it includes free shipping and payment plans through Affirm.

The cost of the Smart Nora is one possible drawback. It’s not cheap at $399, and some customers might find it challenging to rationalize the cost. However, the product’s ability to lessen snoring and enhance sleep for the user and their companion may make the cost worthwhile.

In general, those who snore and desire a non-invasive way to stop do well to engage in the Smart Nora. The product is a useful addition to any bedroom due to its simplicity, efficacy, and convenience.


How to Set Up Smart Nora

How to Set Up Smart Nora

According to the above methods, setting up Smart Nora is very simple. It’s crucial to remember that the pebble needs to be positioned near to the bed and facing up so it can hear you snore.

Additionally, check to see that the cushion insert is properly positioned beneath your pillow and that the air tube is correctly attached to the base. Consult the product’s instruction booklet if you experience any problems.

Once everything is configured, you can change the device’s sensitivity to make sure it reacts to your snoring patterns accurately. If the sound of the pump is too strong, you can also change the device’s volume.

Overall, setting up Smart Nora is not too difficult and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


Does Smart Nora Work?

Does Smart Nora Work?

We’ll examine whether the Smart Nora device functions as intended in this part of the review. As previously stated, Smart Nora works to lessen snoring by gently shifting your head position while you sleep. Does the idea—which might seem straightforward—work in reality?

Customer feedback suggests that Smart Nora is hit or miss for some users. Many users claim that using the device greatly reduced or even completely stopped their snoring. Others, however, discovered that the device was ineffective or even disturbed their slumber.

Users frequently complained that the gadget was too loud. Some users have reported being awakened or having trouble going asleep as a result of the sound of the air pump and pillow insert expanding and contracting. Others found the pillow insert to be too bulky or uncomfortable, which made it challenging to get comfy.

However, a lot of people thought the Smart Nora was a game-changer. They noted improved sleep quality, fewer snoring-related disturbances, and happier spouses who were no longer bothered by their snoring. Some people claimed that after using the device for a few nights, they completely ceased snoring.

Overall, your snoring severity and personal sleeping tastes will determine whether Smart Nora is a good fit for you. However, you can try it out and determine if it’s the best option for you during the device’s 30-night trial period.

In conclusion, Smart Nora has helped many people sleep better and deeper even though it isn’t a guaranteed snoring answer. Consider trying out the gadget to see if it works for you if you struggle with snoring or have a partner who does.


Who would I recommend Smart Nora to?

Who would I recommend Smart Nora to?

Smart Nora might be the answer you’re looking for if you or your companion snores and you’ve tried other snoring remedies without much success. This contactless snoring remedy does not call for nasal strips or a mouth guard, which can both affect how well you slumber.

The portable gadget Smart Nora is made up of a pebble, a cushion insert, and an air pump. The air pump inflates the pillow insert when the pebble senses that you are snoring, which causes your head to shift slightly and widen your airways. As you get accustomed to the new posture, your snoring ought to lessen over time.

A 30-night trial time and free shipping are available with Smart Nora if you’re hesitant to spend $399 on a snoring remedy. Using Affirm, you can also pay for the device in monthly payments.

In conclusion, I would suggest Smart Nora to people who are annoyed by their snoring and have attempted other treatments without much luck. You and your partner can both benefit from this straightforward, contactless answer to your sleep problems. However, it’s best to speak with a doctor before using Smart Nora or any other snoring remedy if you have serious sleep apnea or other underlying medical conditions.


Who I wouldn’t recommend Smart Nora to?

Who I wouldn’t recommend Smart Nora to?

With the help of an air pump, a pillow insert, and a pebble, Smart Nora gently moves your head while you slumber to lessen snoring. Although many customers and publications have given it favorable reviews, it might not be appropriate for everyone. We’ll go over who we wouldn’t advise Smart Nora to in this piece.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to remember that anyone with a past of neck issues shouldn’t use Smart Nora without first consulting a doctor. While you slumber, the device gently moves your head and neck, which could be uncomfortable or aggravate pre-existing conditions.

Additionally, we wouldn’t advise Smart Nora to people who have trouble falling asleep. Heavy sleepers may not produce enough noise for the device to detect and react to their snoring in a way that is effective.

Last but not least, the Smart Nora might not be comfortable for people who favor a firmer pillow. The pillow insert’s flexibility and ability to handle movement may compromise its ability to provide support for those who require a firmer sleeping surface.

In summation, Smart Nora is a ground-breaking treatment for snoring that has proven effective for many users. Before making a buy, it’s crucial to take into account any existing conditions or sleeping preferences. Heavy sleepers and people who like firmer pillows might not find the device comfortable or useful, and anyone with neck problems should first speak to their doctor about treatment options.


What Do Experts Think?

What Do Experts Think?

I’ll examine what experts have to say about the Smart Nora in this part of my review. Several respected publications, such as The New York Times, Men’s Health, and USA Today, have written about Smart Nora. These articles praise Smart Nora as a successful sleep aid that can enhance the user’s and their partner’s quality of slumber.

One research by Smart Nora examined the sleeping habits of over 55 participants over the course of 527 nights. The study’s findings showed that 52% of snorers got out of bed at night, 20% slept better all night, and 30% felt more refreshed when they woke up. Despite the fact that the research did not account for outside variables that might influence the quality of the participants’ sleep, the findings imply that they benefited from using the Smart Nora device.

It’s essential to note that Smart Nora’s effectiveness as a snoring remedy isn’t supported by any thorough scientific studies. However, if you’re a snorer looking for a non-invasive solution, the anecdotal evidence from customer reviews and expert opinions seems to suggest that it is worth considering.

Ultimately, your individual requirements and tastes will determine whether Smart Nora is the best option for you. Other snoring remedies, such as VitalSleep, Olly Sleep Gummies, and Yogasleep white noise machines, may be more effective for you if you’re searching for an alternative to Smart Nora.


Is Smart Nora Worth It?

Is Smart Nora Worth It?

When you’ve already attempted a few solutions with little luck, snoring can be a frustrating and challenging issue to address. Among those who battle with snoring, Smart Nora has become a popular non-invasive and contactless solution. But is the cost justified?

Our study suggests that Smart Nora is probably worthwhile if you snore frequently. Utilizing a three-part system, it first detects your snoring before gently moving your head to slightly widen your airways and lessen the intensity of your snoring. It is a practical option for people who travel frequently because it is lightweight, reusable, and simple to set up.

It’s crucial to keep in mind though that Smart Nora is more expensive than many other snoring treatments. It’s not the best option for people who only have to deal with wheezing occasionally because it costs $399. Furthermore, while the Smart Nora research produced encouraging findings, it neglected to account for other elements that might influence people’s ability to get a good night’s sleep, such as outside noises, stress, or other medical conditions.

Many individuals have had success using the Smart Nora in spite of these factors. It’s important to note that the product has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can return it for a full refund if you attempt it and it doesn’t work for you. There are numerous sleeping aids available if you’re searching for additional options, including Olly Sleep Gummies and the VitalSleep mouthpiece.

In conclusion, Smart Nora is probably worth the investment if you snore frequently and have attempted other treatments without much luck. Prior to using Smart Nora, you might want to explore other options or speak with your doctor if you only occasionally snore or have a history of neck issues.




You might have a few inquiries if you’re thinking about buying a Smart Nora. These frequently asked queries and their responses could be useful to you:

Who is Smart Nora’s owner?
A: Behrouz Hariri, one of Smart Nora’s co-founders, also serves as the company’s CEO.

What function does the white leisure sleeve serve?
A: The Smart Nora’s white comfort sleeve adds comfort and helps hold the pillow insert in position while it expands and contracts.

Should I ever shut down the main unit?
A: In order to avoid interfering with the Bluetooth connection between the base device and the pebble, Smart Nora advises leaving it powered on and plugged in at all times.

I’m still getting used to Smart Nora, how long will that take?
A: While customer reviews indicate that most users get used to Smart Nora within a few nights, the company advises allowing the product two weeks to adjust.

Where is Smart Nora shipped from?
A: Smart Nora offers shipping to the US, Canada, and Australia.

What is the shipping strategy at Smart Nora?
A: Within one to two working days, Smart Nora processes and ships out all orders.

What are Smart Nora’s refund guidelines?
A: You have 30 days after purchase to return your Smart Nora. To start the return and reimbursement procedure, get in touch with the business.

Hopefully, these frequently asked questions have assisted you in making a Smart Nora purchase. You can always get in touch with Smart Nora’s customer support if you have any additional queries.


How To Contact Smart Nora

How To Contact Smart Nora

The business provides a number of ways to contact them if you have any queries or concerns about Smart Nora. How to get in touch with Smart Nora will be covered in this piece.

Smart Nora can be reached over the phone first. To talk with a customer service representative, dial 1-805-221-7202. They are accessible from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Send an email to support@smartnora.com to get in touch with Smart Nora if that’s how you prefer to connect. Depending on how many emails they receive, they try to reply to all of them within 24 to 48 hours.

The website’s contact form is another method to communicate with Smart Nora. Visit their website and select the “Contact Us” option in the footer menu to access the form. Next, enter your name, email address, and message in the appropriate fields, then press the “Submit” option.

On their website, Smart Nora also offers a chatbot feature that can respond to commonly asked questions. Click the chat icon in the lower right corner of their page to use the chatbot. The chatbot will direct you to call their customer service department if it is unable to resolve your issue.

Finally, Smart Nora provides a number of practical methods to contact their customer service department. They are available to address any queries or worries you might have regarding their product, whether you prefer to phone, email, fill out a contact form, or use their chatbot feature.

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