Top 6 AccuQuilt Dies for 2023 – This Years Must-Haves!

Cutting fabric can be a laborious and time-consuming task when quilting. But with the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters, it doesn’t have to be. These cutting-edge devices are intended to produce super-accurate, 90% faster rotary cutting of any size quilt square, triangle, rectangle, or strip.

The AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter can cut through up to six layers of cotton fabric at once, resulting in significantly less fabric waste and time savings for quilters with each cut. Moreover, utilising the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter almost removes the stress that traditional cutting techniques place on the hands, arms, shoulders, and back.

AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters have made it simple to begin a new quilt project by offering more than 200 piecing and appliqué die shapes. The variety of die shapes available to quilters enables them to experiment with different motifs and patterns and produce quilts that are completely original.

The days of manually measuring and chopping each piece are long gone. Spend more time sewing and less time cutting with the AccuQuilt Fabric Cutters. You can quickly and precisely cut specific shapes.

Do You Own an Embroidery Machine?

You’ll be happy to know that AccuQuilt now provides free digital embroidery files for all of their appliqué AccuQuilt dies if you’re the fortunate owner of an embroidery machine. On the pages for each die, you’ll find free quilt patterns, information about the die, and many other suggestions for utilising AccuQuilt dies.

These embroidery files let you add lovely motifs and patterns that perfectly match your AccuQuilt appliqué forms to your quilting creations. As the files are accessible in a variety of formats, they may be used with practically any embroidery machine.

For owners of embroidery machines, this new AccuQuilt offering is a great way to advance their quilting endeavours. These embroidery files will inspire you to make stunning, one-of-a-kind items whether you are an expert quilter or just getting started.

1. GO! Strip Cutter – 2 1/2″ (2″ Finished) #55017

Since its release, AccuQuilt’s GO! Strip Cutter – 2 1/2″ (2″ Completed) #55017 has been the most popular die. The adaptability of the 2.5 “This die is a no-brainer for many quilting designs because of the strip. Whether you require sashing, binding strips, or 2 1/2 “This die can produce squares or diamonds, for example. One of AccuQuilt’s most adaptable dies is this one. This die is a necessity for every quilter because it can even cut enough binding strips for a queen-size quilt in a single pass.

2.GO! Gingerbread Cookie #55862

Searching for a creative and functional appliqué die for your upcoming project? The AccuQuilt GO! Gingerbread Cookie #55862 is the only option. This die works well with other GO! dies including the Christmas Medley, Sleigh & Snowflakes, Holiday Accessories, and Schoolhouse and may be used to make a variety of holiday-themed decorations and seasonal goods.

Moreover, the Gingerbread Cookie form is simple to adorn with rickrack, embroidery, buttons, and other materials, enabling you to fully realise your design. This die is certain to add some fun and whimsy to your next project, whether of whether you are an experienced quilter or are just getting started.

3.GO! Camper #55228

GO! Camper by AccuQuilt is a well-liked option for designing entertaining and imaginative layouts. All the appliqué parts required to create a cute camper are included with this die. Further customisation is possible thanks to the free embroidery design that is available for the camper. Many unusual quilts and other crafts with a camping theme can be made using this die.

4.GO! Hunter Star-6″ Finished #55166

The Hunter Star quilt pattern is a traditional style that frequently calls for cutting numerous tiny pieces. GO! AccuQuilt Hunter Star die offers a precise and effective technique to cut all of those bias parts, simplifying and speeding up the operation. Without the fuss of conventional cutting techniques, quilters can quickly and effortlessly make stunning Hunter Star quilts using this die.

5.GO! Arkansas Traveler-12″ Finished #55558

A versatile and user-friendly tool for making the traditional Arkansas Traveler block is the GO! Arkansas Traveler die from AccuQuilt. This die makes it simple to produce a variety of layouts with the Arkansas Traveler block because its finished size is 12 inches. With this block, AccuQuilt offers free patterns that let you experiment with various design concepts and produce stunning outcomes. The GO! Arkansas Traveler die is essential to your collection, regardless of your level of quilting expertise.

6. GO! Square-5″ (4 1/2″ Finished) #55010

One of the most well-liked and useful square dies is the AccuQuilt GO! Square-5′′ (4 1/2′′ Completed) #55010 die. This die makes it simple to create beautiful 5″ charm squares, which are essential to many different quilt patterns, from leftover fabric scraps. This die is essential for any quilter’s collection since it enables effective cutting and precise results.

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